Welcome to Sofia!

I’m Jessica and I am the voice of Sofia Synergy. I started this blog in 2015 after I graduated from university. I was feeling lost and directionless so I decided to talk it out publicly – typical twentysomething millennial. I’ve always been a bit of an oddball since I have a crisscross of interests from the world of work, to psychology, women’s rights, culture and Orthodox Christianity. As an over-analyzer and deep thinker, I like to look at the world from 360 degrees and explore the perpetual conflict of interest between mind and heart. I don’t always have “the answer” (whatever that means), but I do offer a real-life point of view, which brings me to Sofia.

Sofia means “wisdom” and Synergy means “working together.” 

Wisdom In Sync. 

Sofia Synergy is a storytelling space for creative millennials. We share authentic stories with unique perspective and meaning. Sofia is a canvas for thought-provoking questions, dynamic conversations, and original ideas. A workshop of curious people working together to connect the dots of life’s masterpiece: Synergy.

A place to learn, heal, grow. 

Thank you for reading!