Welcome to Sofia!

I’m JessicaI started this blog in 2015 as a personal project that weaves together my diverse interests from the world of work to relationships, human rights, culture, and Orthodox Christianity. As an over-analyzer and deep thinker, I look at the world from 360 degrees, offering you, the reader, a unique perspective. My writings share a real, heartfelt journey through everyday life. 

As for the name, Sofia means “wisdom” and Synergy means “working together” so all together it means, “Wisdom in Sync” which perfectly describes our mission and ethos. 

Sofia Synergy’s mission is to create a storytelling space for millennials. We share authentic stories that bridge reality and spirituality. Sofia is a community of intersectional thinkers that ask thought-provoking questions and engage in dynamic conversation. It is a workshop of curious people working together to connect the dots of life’s masterpiece: Synergy. 

A place to learn, heal, grow.

Thank you for reading.