The swan, the lake and the bridge


Yesterday, I went for a lovely walk in Toronto with a friend. We walked for nearly three hours, strolling along the lake; we watched the waves crash along the shore, kids playing in the sand, and occasionally, stopped to pet a friendly dog along the way.

After some time, we decided to sit along the marina, a calmer, quieter part of the water.

Curiously, this was when our conversation got a bit deeper and a lot more intense – we were having a raw conversation and were not seeing eye to eye. Or rather, we were approaching the issue from different points of view.

It was then, at that moment, a swan flew in out of nowhere, and gracefully guided itself into the water without making a splash.

The swan 

Swans are beautiful animals that exude the essence of an angel. They are timeless, elegant birds that are known for their grace and beauty.

Swans symbolize inner peace and spiritual healing, and when they enter your life it’s a sign to let go of all that no longer serves you. To accept and surrender. To flow with life, while maintaining your personal commitment and integrity.

It allows us to realize our ability to connect the realms of the physical and spiritual world, to be a bridge between the two.

The lake 

The side of the lake where the swan decided to land was so quiet and peaceful, while on the other side, the waves were loud, strong and forceful. This, to me, represents the dynamic between mind and heart, which can, at times, feel turbulent.

Our heart, so true and earnest, is willing, wanting and able to love. Our heart, in synergy with divine love, is always like the calm and serene lake, that flows gently with His will. It is open, trusting and responsive to love and light. It expands with kindness, sensitivity, and respect. It knows without knowing and it trusts without seeing.

While the mind racks itself with facts and arguments – it is always looking for a reason to run and hide – to stay in the cold, dark shadow since it is afraid to expand and trust in the unknown. It sits crouched, and hunched over, with its arms wrapped around its waist, wanting to protect itself, needing to be in control. The mind, always looks for what is wrong, rather than show gratitude and appreciation for all the things that are right.

In the middle of both sides of the lake is a bridge.

The bridge 

This bridge, represents us, as people, as spiritual beings who are open to the path of illumination and enlightenment. Within us, is an innate calling to be ambassadors of love, and as ambassadors, we are the bridge between “lower” and “higher” level thinkings. Lower level thinking is that of the mind, while higher level thinking is that of the spirit, and our job is to be in synergy, or in cooperation, between the two.

To translate God’s will into reality through our vocation and divine purpose, whether that be as a teacher, advocate, healer, researcher, support worker, etc. We by no means are the ones to illuminate and enlighten, but our role is to be the image of love and light, the bridge, that welcomes the stranger to the other side, by allowing them to see what is good and true in us.

So how do we do that?

Through flow.

Flow is essentially clean flowing energy. By aligning our free will, our physical reality, with God’s divine will, or the eternal spiritual reality, we are in synergy, or cooperation with God, meaning our thoughts, words, and actions are a translation of His eternal and everlasting light – when we are in sync with Him, He is our source.

By being connected to Christ, we become willing and able bodies, or spiritual ambassadors, that redirect all to Him. Through our integrity, authenticity, and trust in God, our presence becomes a spiritual presence that bridges the gap between two worlds, the physical and spiritual world.

By flowing with grace, our very presence, like the swan, is a presence of love, peace, and healing that offers hope to hopeless by simply being who we are, the way we are.

By loving Him, and shining in His light, you show the world who He is.

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Jessica is an employment specialist for marginalized youth in Toronto, Canada. She enjoys teaching, traveling and observing - especially the relationship between mind and heart. Jessica also has a passion for outdoor walks, dancing, and all things offbeat and authentic. You can contact her at

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