Lazarus Saturday


Today is Lazarus Saturday which signifies the start of Holy Week.

When we come to the end of Great Lent, we enter into another special season in the church – from Lazarus Saturday to Holy Saturday [Holy Week]. In this time we are especially thinking about death and resurrection – not only of our Lord Jesus Christ, but of our own. The raising of Lazarus is celebrated in Orthodoxy as prefiguring the universal resurrection at the end of time.

Additionally, this liturgical season is and was especially devoted to a time for baptism, uniting new believers to the Savior.

Liturgically, we personally experience and enter into the death and resurrection of Christ, as we are buried with Him in baptism, and then raised up from that watery grave to a new life. We participate in Christ’s death on earth, and in being raised with him in baptism, we anticipate what is awaiting us in the life of the world to come.

Baptism is also about faith, and we encounter faith in the first event commemorated during this special 8 day week in Christ’s raising his friend Lazarus.

Lazarus has died, but does he have faith that Jesus is the Christ who can resurrect him from death?

The community of faith believes in Christ, believes he does raise the dead. This is why we in faith bring others to Christ to be baptized. When we become a member of the Body of Christ in baptism, we join in believing with all other Christians that Jesus is Lord.

In the Baptism Liturgy, the candidates prepared for baptism are given a chance to bear witness to what they believe:

Priest: Have you united yourself to Christ?

Candidate: I have united myself to Christ.

Priest: Do you believe in Him?

Candidate: I believe in Him as King and God.

It is Christ’s kingship and kingdom we then celebrate on Palm Sunday, as we commemorate Christ’s entry into Jerusalem, God’s holy city.

– Fr. Ted Bobosh

Have you united yourself to Christ?

Do you believe in Him?

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