My soul, my soul – Arise!


The Lenten season is a time for labor and effort. It is a season when we strive to energize ourselves, to wake ourselves up, to motivate ourselves to spiritual feats. It is a time when we declare a conscious struggle against sloth, and beg the Lord not to give us this evil spirit, but to take it from us when we are caught in its snares.

A person who loves the Lord and lives in Him will never be idle. He will always be working. He will never be spiritually weary in well-doing, for he does not labor by his own efforts and powers but by the grace and strength of his Master. Thus, a person who is spiritually exhausted is the gravest of sinners. For, as Isaiah says, whose prophecy is read at each service of the sixth hour during Great Lent, “God almighty does not faint or grow weary, and He gives this power to those who faithfully serve Him.”

During Great Lent, we work to wake up and to overcome our weariness. We labor to come alive and to conquer our laziness. We strive to come to our senses and to displace the spirit of sloth with the uncreated energies of God which are given through His Spirit to those who love Him.

– Fr. Thomas Hopko, My soul, my soul – Arise!

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