Happy Valentine’s Day!

“When connections are real, they simply never die. If you’ve deeply resonated with another person or place, the connection remains despite any distance, time, situation, lack of presence or circumstance.” – Victoria Erickson

If you’re in a relationship, I pray your relationship is pure, positive and pleasing to God. If you’re single, I pray (literally, I pray the prayer for Orthodox singles) you find a kind, generous and supportive Orthodox partner for you to share your life with. Either way, I wish you all a love-ly day!

To celebrate, a quote on spiritual love by Saint Paisios. (He’s one of my favorites.)

The love among the married has to be honest, so they can comfort each other, and perform their spiritual duty. For they to live in harmony, they have to build pure love in the foundations of their lives, a continuous love, a love that is based on spiritual virtue, on sacrifice, the one must always be on the side of the other, to understand him/her, to suffer for him/her. And, as he receives his partner in his tormented heart, then he receives Christ Himself in his heart, Who fulfills it with His indescribable joy and sweetness.

When love exists between the partners, they are close and together despite the distance between, because the love of Christ cannot be separated by any distance. But when the partners do not have love to connect them, they are far from each other, no matter how physically close they are. That is why they must make maximal efforts to keep their love during their entire life, to sacrifice one to another.

Physical love connects people who long for earthly values of life, only in an illusory manner. This lasts only for the moment when such earthly (bodily) abilities exist, and such love separates people when their bodily abilities fade away, and then people downfall.

On the other hand, when a real, spiritual love exists among partners, even if one of the partners loses his earthly (bodily) abilities, then it does not separate them, but unites them more strongly.

When there is only a physical love, for example, when the wife finds out that her man looked at another woman, she throws poison to his eyes and blinds him. And opposite, when there is a pure love between the partners. In this case, the wife suffers together with her husband, even more, striving to help him to return on the right road. So, God’s grace visits them in such moments.

Patience goes together with love. To be patient with your partner, you should feel pain because of him. And I see how the family is saved with patience. I saw beasts that became lambs. With hope in God, everything is developing in a right way, and in benefit of our soul.

– St. Paisios of Mount Athos, Love among married

What are your thoughts?

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This is so sweet!