Epiphany: The great mystery of water

“For whatever we lose (like a you or a me), it’s always our self we find in the sea.” ― E.E. Cummings

On Friday, January 6th, Orthodox Christians celebrated the Feast of Theophany, or Epiphany, which is the baptism of Jesus in the river Jordan.

Water, one of nature’s four elements (earth, air, and fire are the others; metal is considered the fifth), has always fascinated me, especially since I am an avid swimmer and overall H20 enthusiast. Although, admittedly, I do not drink as much water as I should. Water intrigues me because water, like air, cannot be grasped. You cannot hold or define it. Yet water can be transformed from a solid (ice), liquid (water) or gas (evaporated).

To understand water you must be a participant, willing to let go and surrender to the experience. The beauty of water is its buoyancy, the ability to float, which provides temporary relief – often in the form of a warm bath or swim – from the daily stresses and tensions of gravity, and in a way, reality.

However, today I’d like to explore the properties of water. I want to understand how it works at a molecular, scientific level.

Over the weekend I saw a powerful documentary entitled Water, The Great Mystery, which spoke about water from chemical, energetic, and religious points of view.

Did you know water has memory and can store information? Did you also know that water can feel and transmit our words, thoughts, and emotions?

Here are my 10 “Wow! Mind blown!” takeaways:

1. We are water and water is life 

Depending on age, a human being is made up of 70 to 95 percent water. An adult drinks approximately 2.5 liters of water each day to sustain their normal life functions. Another 1.5 liters is absorbed through the skin during bathing or showering.

Water is the most common substance on earth and is with us at every moment of our lives. In Holy Scripture, water is more than a physical substance. It is a concept, which is connected in a special way, to the idea of life.

2. Water has unusual properties 

Water is a small molecule that has very specific properties you will not find in any other substance; no other molecule has all of the same anomalies. Water is the only substance that decreases in density as the temperature drops below freezing point and increases in density above freezing point. And even if you did find a similar molecule you would still be missing life itself. Life does not exist without water that is why it is so unique.

3. Water has memory 

Water receives and makes an imprint of any outside influence remembering everything that occurs in the space that surrounds it. Any substance coming into contact with water leaves a trace in the water. This is why our ancestors used silver vessels to turn ordinary water into healing water; today it is still the best antibiotic.

The structure of water is important. The structure is the way molecules are organized. When water molecules join together they are called clusters. Clusters work as memory cells that record the entire history of its relationship with the world. People don’t think turning on the light, or the influence of an electric field from a power line affects water, but it does. Water remains water but its structure, like a nervous system, reacts to irritations from modern instruments.

Within water’s memory cells there are 440,000 information panels each of which are responsible for their own type of interaction with the environment. Water is capable of recording and storing information. It is like a malleable computer memory, and like computer memory, we must know how it is arranged: what is its shape and structure?

4. Today’s modern plumbing destroys water 

Water makes a long and difficult journey to arrive in our homes. It used to be common knowledge that a settlement could only occur where there was a natural source of water. Today, this is not of importance because we transport water for thousands of miles using high-pressure.

The water supply in many large cities is a closed loop system. After undergoing aggressive chemical purification and passing through powerful filter systems, water must flow down thousands of miles of pipes before arriving in our homes. In nature, rivers and streams flow along a smooth curving course, but modern water supplies have multiple right angle turns, breaking down the natural structure of water with every turn. By the time the water reaches our homes the structure is deformed; the water is without symmetry or beauty.

This water – still remembering the chemicals and violence it was subjected to – has informational pollution. It is rotten and actually steals the energy out of the people, plants, and animals living in that house.

5. Water feels human presence and emotion 

Magnetic electrical fields, including human presence and emotions, have positive and negative effects on water. In fact, human emotions have the strongest influence.

In an experiment, a group of people were asked to project emotions onto a flask of water in front of them. They projected positive emotions like love, tenderness, and concern on the first flask, and negative emotions such as fear, hatred, and aggression on the second flask. Afterward, they measured the water samples.

Love increased the water’s energy and stabilized the water. While aggressive emotions reduced the water’s energy and made radical and destructive changes to the water.

6. Water reacts to words 

A scientist placed rice into three glass beakers and covered them with water. Then every day for a month the experimenter said: “Thank you” to one beaker of rice, “You’re an idiot” to the second, and completely ignored the third.

After a month the rice that had been thanked began to ferment, giving off a strong pleasant aroma. The second beaker turned black, and the rice that was ignored began to rot.

Dr. Emoto feels that this experiment provides an important lesson, especially with regard to how we treat children. He believes we should take care of them, give them attention and converse with them – indifference does the greatest harm.

After numerous experiments aimed at finding the word that cleanses water Dr. Emoto eventually realized it was not one word, but a combination of words, that had the most power: love and gratitude.

7. Water can transmit the energy of our thoughts and feelings – even if there are 10,000 miles between you and the person you are thinking about 

A person who sends negative thoughts is polluting their own water since our bodies are 75 to 95 percent water, giving it a negative charge. Water has photographic memory and can be imprinted with very subtle energies – even if they are separated by distance.

Does that mean that remote communication can occur between human beings who are essentially structures composed of water?

An experiment was conducted to confirm or disconfirm the hypothesis that remote communication between people is possible. The scientist placed one participant in Moscow and the other in South America, nearly 10,000 miles apart. 15 minutes before the experiment began there were no visible correlations between them.

However, when they were told to think about each other, the two people separated by this enormous distance somehow tuned themselves into the same wavelength. The instruments began to show synchronization of certain areas of the brain’s breathing patterns and pulses.

There is a good deal of data to confirm that liquids within the body carry out a sort of information transmission function. Therefore our everyday actions are important. What one does – or thinks – doesn’t just affect them – it affects other people and the whole universe around them. The system of the universe exists as a single organism bound together by huge streams of information, and water plays the key role in how that information is exchanged; it is the medium which all nature is governed.

8. Water responds to prayer 

It is the practice to recite a prayer before taking food or to consecrate the food during major religious holidays. It turns out that the frequency of vibrations in the prayers of any religion, uttered in any language, is eight Hertz, which corresponds to the frequency of the oscillation of the Earth’s magnetic field.

Water reacts to individual words that have religious content by forming beautiful crystals. This means that the concept of nature coincides with each religion. Therefore, a prayer in any religion pronounced with love creates a harmonic structure in the water.

9. Orthodox Holy water is potent 

On the eve of the Orthodox Feast of Epiphany, two flasks were filled with ordinary tap water. Early in the morning one of them is set inside the church near the vessel over which the sacrament of sanctification was to be performed. The other one was set aside.

After the service, the two flasks were immediately taken to the laboratory for study. The crystals from the tap water looked like a chaotic spot, while the water that had been in the church had the rectilinear symmetrical form of a six-pointed star.

It is well known that Orthodox Holy water has a very powerful and stable structure. This water can surpass its properties, it takes only 10 grams of it to transform 60 liters of common water; the entire amount will have same properties as Holy water.

10. Water, the element 

Nothing in the world is softer and more yielding than water. Yet it wears down the hard and strong and none can overcome it so anyone can conquer it. That which is yielding conquers the strong and the soft overcomes that which is hard. Everyone knows this but none dare to live by it.

Ultimately what I find truly amazing is how water is alive. Water is actively participating in everything it experiences. We exchange information with water, absorbing its entire history, and they ours. Water does not care about worldly differences it simply responds to energy and vibration – are you sending positive or negative vibes? Our thoughts and feelings are so powerful they allow us to be connected to everyone on the planet – regardless of geographic location. What we feel and think towards others is palpable – we feel each other. This new insight into nature’s great mystery has truly humbled me for nature is totally pure and unbiased, it honors the divine and receives us all.

Wishing you all a Blessed Feast of Epiphany! May this New Year bring you many spiritual Epiphanies!

*This post’s content is based entirely on the documentary. If you’re interested, you can view more water crystals here, or you can watch the entire film here. (I suggest you do.) Also, a beautiful poem on connections. 

What are your thoughts?