Nail polish

“You are worried and troubled about many things. But one thing is needed.” — Luke 10:41-42

Nail polish, like lipstick, is a minimally expensive luxury that can totally change the way you feel.

One day you’re blah, the next day you’re oh la la. Lush pink, bright red or navy blue, yes, please! You feel on top of the world for a while, but three days later you look down and notice it’s chipped, dull, and rugged looking.

Sometimes this is how I feel about being Orthodox. One day I’m on cloud nine and the next day I think, Why do I do this to myself? Why do I bother trying when I know I can’t win?

When I woke up on Tuesday, my first thought was, Today is Tuesday,* followed immediately by, Sh-t, today is Tuesday and we’re fasting again. Ugh…why is God so demanding of me? No negativity, no yoga, no meat and dairy, and no romantic indulgences.

No, no, not good enough is the anthem I hear.

I began this Orthodox network with the hope of connecting with others to lessen my feelings of alienation and loneliness. It is a struggle to be Orthodox in our world today.

My dream with Sofia Synergy is to fuse the two worlds: the world and our Orthodox world. This blog is a blend of modern and dynamic discussions on relationships, worklife, politics, art, fashion, the environment, social-cultural issues, and everyday conundrums, all rooted in faith and tradition. I am focused on seeking the Orthodox response to the world’s madness. I have created a space for real talks about who we are and what we go through, together, trying to make sense of it all. This network intentionally exists on the Internet so people can feel free to express themselves honestly and anonymously. No pretense, no holier-than-thou nonsense – just people trying to figure it out.

As Orthodox Christians, we know all we do is for our betterment but some days we can’t see the silver lining – because some days being Orthodox is just downright hard. We want to keep repainting our nails, but we don’t because we know it will be flawless and pristine for only a moment. This week was not perfectly wrapped with a bow on top. This week was the shooting star that turned out to be an airplane.

This week’s nail polish was why bother?

How about you? Do you ever feel disconnected from Orthodoxy and your Orthodox community? How do you deal with your down-and-out days?

*This Tuesday was a special fast day for Holy Epiphany.

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Jessica is an employment specialist for marginalized youth in Toronto, Canada. She enjoys teaching, traveling and observing - especially the relationship between mind and heart. Jessica also has a passion for outdoor walks, dancing, and all things offbeat and authentic. You can contact her at

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