The study of creation


This is all that needs to be said, as if we indeed felt the Lord, for everything surrounding us is from Him and everything is His.

I recall a scholar who spent many years in the study of flowers, trees, grasses, and plants and animals in general. He recorded all this, assembling enormous records that for thirty years, to this day, have been used throughout the entire world.

When he completed his work and had described living creatures, he said:

“God has passed by before me; I have felt Him in His creation.”

Indeed, the sun above us is the eye of God;

The breathing of the wind is the voice of God;

All the laws of this world are the laws of God;

All the vicissitudes* and turns of our fate – this, too, is the Lord.

We also feel and see Him in prayer, in Holy Scripture, and in the Mysteries.

When the Holy Chalice is brought out to us, that is the living, real Lord, Who is present here in this church, as in all the churches of the land. And not only in churches, but everywhere where people pray to Him: To the far north, in deserts and mountains, and in populous cities, where there are crowds of millions.

Everywhere there are souls turning to the Lord, and they see and feel Him, for which reason they are a hundred times happier and more blessed than those who lived two thousand years ago, but did not believe in Him.

– Archpriest Alexander Men

*Vicissitudes: noun

a change of circumstances or fortune, typically one that is unwelcome or unpleasant.

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