Faith: The Great Leap


Faith is a decision, a decision to trust God and link up my life to His healing, strengthening power. 

Unbelief, on the other hand, is also a decision, a decision not to trust God; to trust in myself, in Karl Marx, in Freud, in anyone else but God.

Faith is a great leap, but unbelief is also a great leap.

The difference is that one leads into the darkness of anxiety, the other into the light and certainty of God.

Each morning when we awaken we can face the day either with unbelief or with faith.

We can face the day by saying, “I can’t make it today. There are problems to face that I just can’t overcome. There are temptations that will bowl me over.*”

Anyone who thinks such thoughts can never win. He is defeated before he begins.

But there is another alternative we can choose.

We can begin our day with faith, by getting in tune with God and saying, 

“Lord, I commit my life to you this day. I believe you are going to be with me every step I take; I believe that you will give me the power I need to be victorious.”

*Bowl someone over: phrasal verb

knock someone down.

completely overwhelm or astonish someone.

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