Rehearsing the presence


In our day-to-day lives we rehearse so many of our negative attitudes:

We rehearse our fears,

We rehearse our anxieties,

We rehearse our needs,

We rehearse our deficiencies,

We rehearse our inferiorities.

We rehearse them so much that they become the dominant part of our thinking and living. 

If we can rehearse these negative attitudes, how much more helpful would it be if we would rehearse more positive attitudes.

As we begin each day, we can rehearse the faith we have in God. We can proclaim His promises, especially the promise of His constant presence with us. We can remind ourselves that we are loved by God the Father, redeemed by God the Son, and indwelt by God the Holy Spirit. We can live and bask in the divine presence daily.

This habit of walking before God and keeping Him in remembrance should exist in our spirit naturally, created as we are in the image of God. In fact, it is a manifestation of the image of God in us. If it is absent, it is because we have fallen away from God.

Practice makes perfect so we have to practice until it is perfect!

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