Drop the childhood narrative 


Up next in the let-that-sh-t-go lineup: the childhood narrative that keeps you enslaved to the past.

There are those who say that they are what they are because of the way they were treated in childhood. True, childhood experiences have great influence in a person’s life, but we were never meant by God to be enslaved by childhood experiences. By God’s grace we can rise above them. We don’t have to remain children all our lives. We don’t have to go through life saying,

“I am what I am because my parents mistreated me in childhood and I can never change.”

We can rise above childhood experiences. 

We can master them. 

We can overcome them. 

Your parents may not have treated you well in childhood, but how are you treating yourself now?

Are you wallowing in self-pity or are you forging ahead trying with God’s grace to overcome the limitations of childhood?

Now is a good time to forgive, move forward AND BE THE PERSON YOU ARE AND WERE ALWAYS MEANT TO BE!

Your life happened to you for a reason. You can be bitter and resentful about it, but this will ultimately lead to a life of victimhood and paralysis because you believe you do not have the ability to change.

Or, you can be like a Phoenix and recognize that the past no longer exists: your childhood narrative and the childhood “you” – often influenced by the limiting beliefs and expectations of others – is “dead” and has no power over you. This you – the real you, living in the here and now – chooses to rise above, change your perspective, and create a new story for yourself – one full of life, liberty, authenticity, and truth.

The difference between these two options is choice, and that choice is up to you. You must make the decision to drop the story and move forward because no one else can live your life for you.

Ultimately, I hope you choose to believe that you are not a victim of the past but a warrior of truth and healing. I hope you realize you are free to live the life you’ve always imagined.

Resurrect yourself from the ashes of childhood and live the life you are meant to live because the present is here and it is oh so bright!

What are your thoughts?

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Small steps have shaped our histories, but small steps will lead us to victory! It is always about moving forward and living the fullest potential of who we are! Life is wonderful… forgive, let your past go, and move forward! WE ARE FREE