Marry young or wait?


Do you want to marry when you’re older or younger?

A very special and wise lady always told me it was good to marry young.

Apparently, St. Paisios agrees.

It is good for a person to get married at a relatively young age. Then things come more naturally. Each gets adjusted naturally and easily to the other. One sees that couples who get married at a young age keep a childlike simplicity in their relationship all their lives.

When a person gets older, reason starts to take over and examines and measures everything. Also, his character becomes solidified, it is difficult for him to adjust.

When a person reaches thirty, in order to get married, thirty people must push him. It is difficult for him to decide to take on this yoke. You have become accustomed to living recklessly. You have become like the wild horses when someone tries to put the bit on them. Being startled, they jump, they kick, and they run far away.

– St. Paisios of Mount Athos

Do you think it is good to marry young? Share your thoughts in the comment section!

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6 Comments on "Marry young or wait?"

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Jenn (One Imperfect Mom)
I got married young (22), with school debt and no career for either of us. It definitely made things harder… BUT that is exactly WHY I’m so glad we did it. We got a chance to grow up together, and we’ve been through more that our share of fire in our almost 8 years of marriage (poverty, moving a lot, 2 miscarriages, 1 (born) child, job loss, and more). We are each other’s best friend and we have an unshakable bond because of all we’ve gone through. It’s not for everyone, and going into it with the idea that there… Read more »
Zachary Sparks

I think it’s better to marry younger rather than older for two reasons.
1. Women command more SMV when they are younger.
2. Men get more and more Jaded as we get older, and are less and less inclined to even want to get married as we age.

In any event it’s not good to argue with a saint.


My vote is also for getting married older. Career development and financial independence are without a doubt more difficult to achieve with young marriage.


This is an interesting quote. I agree, it becomes more difficult to change ones character the older they get, but to get married young on the basis of this is problematic. I’d say get married young if the person you’re with respects you, makes you happy, loves you unconditionally, and vice versa.

Keep up the great work <3

Paul S. Antoun

I agree with the words of St.Paisios. Get married young when you’re flexible to change. Work hard and grow and build your lives and careers together. It also makes sense financially to live with your spouse from a young age since rent and school (debt) are very expensive. My wife and I got married at 24 and 25 after dating for 2 years; we’ll be married for 3 years this June. We met at school and began as friends before dating when we graduated. To each his or her own. Keep up the inspired work!


My vote is getting married older. I’m 25 now and I definitely don’t see myself getting married any time soon. I’m still establishing my career, financial independence and maturity so I see no reason to rush into monogyny. I mean, you’re going to be married FOREVER so like I said, no rush. I think women should enjoy their freedom while it lasts.

Also, IT’S REALLY HARD TO MEET NICE AND NORMAL ORTHODOX GUYS. Can we please talk about that one day on the blog?